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Deventer History Museum

If you find yourself in Deventer, be sure to check out the Deventer History Museum that since its opening in 1915 has been a pride and glory of this marvelous city. Located in monumental building Waag (Weighing-house), it holds the memory of the city’s vivid past. Even though the museum is not very large, it will attract your attention with interesting content, antiquities, and such exhibitions with which much larger museums can boast of.

The windmills of Kinderdijk

In the beautiful wetlands around Dordrecht, you will find the windmills of Kinderdijk. Nineteen beautiful windmills, built around 1740, stand here as part of a larger water management system to prevent floods. Today, they symbolise Dutch water management, and in 1997 they were declared to be UNESCO World Heritage.

The Afsluitdijk

These days, the Afsluitdijk is more than just protection against floods. It is also a motorway used by thousands of people every day. You can drive, cycle or walk from one end to the other and enjoy the splendid view: on one side, the Wadden Sea, on the other, IJsselmeer lake.

Royal Holland

The first roots of our Royal House can be found in Breda. The Breda native Johanna van Polanen weds the German Engelbrecht I of Nassau-Dillenburg in 1403. With their large court and interest in culture, art, design and fashion, the Nassaus foster a flourishing economy in the fifteenth and sixteenth century. When the son of Henry III, René of Chalon, inherits the principality of Orange in France, he becomes the first Orange-Nassau. His cousin becomes the most famous descendant of the Orange-Nassaus from Breda, William of Orange. However, due to the revolt, William of Orange is forced to leave Breda.


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Trace the Golden Age Trail on a journey through the destinations that shaped Holland – and the world – throughout the 17th century. The country’s newfound wealth, coupled with open-minded attitudes towards religious and intellectual freedom, made Holland a haven for European immigrants, refugees from Flanders, and those escaping persecution in Spain and Portugal

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During a 50-year project

During a 50-year project in the 17th century Amsterdam grew to four times its previous size, becoming the 3rd largest city in the world after London and Paris.

Central to that plan was the Canal Belt, a network of concentric canals that is now UNESCO listed.

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Emergency Contacts

The most important number to remember in case of an emergency is 112 (It would be wise to add this in your mobile). This number can be called for free in any kind of emergency (like when you need the police, firedepartment or an ambulance). It can be compared to 911 in the USA. They will be able to help you in English as well.

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